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Artisan Home Bar Furniture

Barina Craft specializes in the design and creation
of customizable indoor
home bars which incorporate
many of the elements of antique and classic wooden
runabout style boats.  A large selection of optional
choices allow tailoring to suit individual preferences.

Designs showcase solid steam bent mahogany and
other premium hardwoods. The exquisite details will
add beauty and elegance to your home and is
furniture destined to become a treasured part of
your family heirlooms.  All of our luxury home bar
furniture is finely handcrafted by artisans in the USA.

Browse through the extensive list of standard and
custom bar features / styles available and select the
options right for you from the
home bar wish list.  
Special requests for unique provisions and bespoke
personalization are welcomed.
Bar furniture slide show, Mystique home bar, right rear corner isometric view.
“ ‘Barina’ was devised to portray our marine inspired bar furniture designs by merging the word ‘bar’ with ‘marina’. Have us build a bar for your home. ” ... Barina Craft
The Mystique
nautical boat bar.
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Barina Craft's home bars furniture, in from the outdoors.
Home Bar Furniture by Barina Craft.